Aprati Foods: Our Mission

Better for You, Better for All

At Aprati Foods®, our PASSION is delivering candy with cleaner ingredients to delight our fans with better-for-you options for purposeful snacking. Our PURPOSE is to provide opportunity & empowerment to those living in communities throughout Cambodia where these delicious confections are made.

How are we living our purpose now? As a new brand, we’re starting small. But we hope our impact through our partnership with Cambodia’s Aogaah Foundation is anything but.

Aogaah = Opportunity

The mission of the Aogaah Foundation is to provide free education to impoverished children in Cambodia, empowering them to one day find meaningful employment. 

Aogaah’s Philosophy

Free Education Equal Opportunity All Are Welcome
Aogaah provides a free alternative to attending a typical public school, where families must pay a daily fee. The Foundation supports education and empowerment for all children, regardless of gender. Education provided in Aogaah schools does not incorporate religion, creating opportunity for children of all faiths.

Each year, the Aprati Foods® brand provides financial support to the Aogaah Foundation in an effort to do our part in supporting the amazing efforts of this organization. Below is a message from founder Rick Meyer, who was kind enough to share how our contribution impacts the work they do every day. 

Teacher Rick
A Message from Teacher Rick 

Aprati Foods®’ sense of responsibility towards Cambodian Society is exemplified by the company’s focus on the education of impoverished Cambodian children in Village 15 of the Touk Kork District in Phnom Pehn. By partnering with the Aogaah Foundation, Aprati Foods® is making it possible to deliver a program which is tailored to the needs of the community. This philosophy of investing in the future of the Cambodian people has had a significant impact on the lives of many. The children, who otherwise would not get the opportunity to go to school, learn to read, write and perform calculations. These skills make a profound difference later in the lives of these children when they enter the job market. In turn, a higher skilled labor force boosts the overall economic outlook for the entire country. The return on Aprati Foods®’ investment in Cambodian Society is substantial for both individual and country. The company’s Social Responsibility Philosophy sets a high standard for all companies doing business in Cambodia. 

Richard C. Meyer (AKA Teacher Rick)

Let’s Do This Together