Our Story

The American Licorice Company began making and selling black licorice for a penny from a roadside cart in Chicago 1914. More than 100 years and five generations later, we are still making the delicious candy our fans have come to love. We are proud to be a family-owned business, operated by a fantastic team of innovative and dedicated associates. But we know that what we do is about more than just making candy.

We at American Licorice feel that what truly makes our company special is a commitment to investing in happiness. This applies to our associates, to protecting our environment, and to supporting the communities in which our candy is made. The charge for this fifth generation has become extending this investment in happiness across the globe.

Our Story

In this spirit, we established an affiliation with a candy manufacturer in Cambodia, who proudly produces our new favorite Aprati hard candy. We couldn’t be prouder to work with our friends at Aprati Foods Cambodia, who are doing all the right things in the right ways to create opportunity and empowerment for their associates and their local community. We want to connect you with the amazing people from this beautiful country who make these delicious treats and help them share their stories.

Today, it has never felt more important that we make connections with each other, real connections based on understanding and appreciation. We have a responsibility as global citizens to support and care for one another, and we hope you will help us along this journey of investing in happiness for generations to come.

For the latest updates on how we’re investing in happiness, visit us here:

Better for You, Better for All

To learn more about the Aprati brand’s mission to support the local community in Cambodia, click here.

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