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Verified Non GMO Project

Non-GMO Project Verified

We know that you care about what goes into your food and how it is made. Aprati™ candy is Non-GMO Project certified, to help satisfy your desire for a sweet treat made from cleaner ingredients.

Mocati Without Artificial Color Product

No Artificial Colors

The Aprati family believes in showing your true colors, which is why both Mocati™ and Frutati™ candies are made without artificial color. It’s a beautiful thing!

Less Sugar Content Product

Low Sugar Content

You deserve to indulge yourself with a sweet treat now and then. Aprati™ candy contains less than 2g of sugar per piece, making it a better-for-you option when the craving strikes you.

Unique Flavors Product

Bold & Unique Flavors

These delicious little candies are sourced from the beautiful and inspiring country of Cambodia. Frutati’s fruit fusions and Mocati’s cafe-inspired treats combine the best of East-meets-West for a new & exciting flavor adventure.

Why Aprati™?

Did you know “Aprati” was derived from the ancient Sanskrit term meaning “Irresistible”? We believe that Aprati™ Candy delivers irresistibly delicious flavors and you will feel the same after one taste. Our fruit-flavored Frutati and café-inspired Mocati blends are not only unique and delicious but are also inspired and sourced from our supplier in Cambodia who shares our passion, values, and vision.

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